Panama Company Incorporation

Panama Corporation

The Panama General Corporation Law, Law 32 of 1927, is the model for many other offshore companies in the world of which the flexible corporate structures and the tax free benefits are key. Panama corporations and accompanying offshore bank accounts are useful for asset protection and maintaining privacy in business.

Panama Incorporation Services

  • The whole process of incorporating offshore with us will not take more than 2 days. Once payment is received, the Panama Corporation documents will be sent to you by courier the next day after you place the order
  • We provide the three nominee directors needed — highly recommended — as the names of directors are public

Panama Company Formation

  • Director and Shareholder of a Panama offshore company can be the same person
  • Director and Shareholder of a Panama offshore company can be a corporate body
  • Natural persons or corporations can take up the positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary
  • There is no need to come to Panama to form the offshore company or to conduct its activities

Panama Companies Share Capital Requirements

  • Non par value shares are allowed for an offshore company incorporated in Panama
  • Voting and nonvoting shares are allowed
  • There is no limit on the amount of the share capital for Panama offshore companies
  • Panama companies do not require paid-in capital
  • Standard share capital is US10,000

Panama Company Taxation

  • The Panama corporation is 100% tax free on offshore activity
  • There are no currency regulations for the offshore companies

Panama IBC Privacy and Confidentiality

  • While paying for your offshore IBC on-line you use an encrypted SSL connection for your data protection
  • Nominee services provide anonymity and privacy

Panama Corporations Maintenance and Administration

  • Annual meetings of members and directors can be anywhere in the world
  • No requirement for an annual audit
  • You do not have to file books and records with the Registry
  • Panama Offshore companies may own and manage sea vessels

Panama Corporation Packages and Pricing

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