Nevis Company Incorporation: LLC or Corporation

Nevis Corporation and Nevis LLC Acts

The demand for investor friendly offshore legislation encouraged Nevis to introduce and implement its own offshore entities with and tax free benefits as early as 1984 with the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance. Since, the offshore financial service introduced legislation for LLC companies under the Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance of 1995.

Nevis Incorporation Services

  • Nevis Corporations can be formed in one work day, and are used for all types of investment, trade or business activity.
  • There is no need to come to Nevis to form the offshore company or to conduct its activities

Nevis Company Formation

  • Nevis companies may be formed with only one Director and one Shareholder (IBC) or one member (LLC)
  • Director and Shareholder of a Nevis offshore company can be the same person (IBC)
  • Director, Shareholder or member can be a corporate body
  • No secretary is required for the offshore company incorporated in Nevis
  • The life of the Nevis LLC may be specific or perpetual.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of an offshore company can be filed with the registry in any language (English translation required) It is possible to use any internationally recognized ending for an offshore company name which states, the limited liability of the company. For example: Inc., Incorporated, Ltd., Limited, Corp., Corporation, S.A., PLC, GmbH, N.V., LLC, LC, Limited Liability Company, TBB, etc.
  • The Nevis LLC shall have duration only if stated, otherwise will be issued without expiration.

Nevis Corporation Share Capital Requirements

  • Bearer shares and shares of no par value can be issued for the Nevis IBC
  • Share capital can be assigned in any internationally recognized currency
  • There are no dual taxation treaties with other countries, and in the same way no sharing of information with other countries’ tax authorities

Nevis Company Taxation

  • Nevis offshore companies are 100% tax free
  • There are no currency regulations for the offshore companies

Nevis Company Privacy and Confidentiality

  • No requirement to disclose beneficial owners of the Nevis company
  • No requirement to disclose names of the directors of the offshore company to the Registry
  • Closed Registry and no information available to public
  • Nominee members, directors and shareholder are readily available

Nevis LLC and Nevis IBC Maintenance and Administration

  • Annual meetings of members and directors can be anywhere in the world
  • Nevis companies have low cost annual fees
  • No requirement for an annual audit
  • You do not have to file books and records with the Registry
  • The LLC incorporated in Nevis may be managed by its member (s) or a manager may be appointed for that purpose.
  • The LLC Operating agreement is optional.

Nevis Company Packages and Pricing

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