BVI Company Incorporation

BVI IBC and BVI Companies Act

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the most sought after offshore jurisdiction, with one of the largest number of company incorporations sold since the introduction of the IBC act in 1984. Since then the BVI company act has been revised and replaced by BVI Business Companies Act, 2004.

The offshore BVI corporations are capable of engaging in a wide range of activities including: investing, trading, property holding, financial management and practically any other legitimate business and investment endeavours.

BVI Incorporation Services

  • There is no need to travel to BVI to form the offshore company or to conduct its activities
  • Ability to check and reserve the name of your offshore company on-line
  • BVI Business Companies are registered within 7 days
  • While paying for your BVI company online, you use an encrypted SSL connection for your data protection
  • BVI Offshore companies may own and manage sea vessels

BVI Company Formation

  • There is no requirement for a local secretary
  • BVI offshore companies may be formed with only one Director and one Shareholder
  • Director and Shareholder of a BVI offshore company can be the same person
  • Director and Shareholder of a BVI offshore company can be a corporate body
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of a BVI Business Company can be filed with the registry in any language (English translation required)
  • It is possible to use any internationally recognized ending for an offshore company name which states, the limited liability of the company. For example: Inc., Incorporated, Ltd., Limited, Corp., Corporation, S.A., PLC, GmbH, B.V., N.V., LLC, LC, etc.

BVI Companies Share Capital Requirements

  • An BVI Offshore company can have bearer shares issued
  • Non par value shares are allowed for an offshore company incorporated in BVI
  • Voting and nonvoting shares are allowed
  • Shares may be paid up in cash or through asset transfer
  • Share capital can be assigned in any internationally recognized currency
  • Standard Share capital is US$50,000

BVI Corporation Taxation

  • BVI Company is a tax free offshore company
  • There are no currency regulations for the offshore companies

BVI Corporations Privacy and Confidentiality

  • No requirement to disclose beneficial owners of the offshore company to the Registry
  • No requirement to disclose names of the directors of the offshore company to the Registry

BVI Companies Maintenance and Administration

  • No requirement for an annual audit
  • You do not have to file books and records with the Registry
  • Annual meetings of members and directors can be anywhere in the world

BVI Company Incorporation Packages and Pricing

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