Belize Company Incorporation

Belize IBC Act

In 1990, the Belize International Business Companies act was put in place allowing for the offshore formation of the Belize IBC, a tax free offshore company. This is an offshore company imitative of other IBCs favoring offshore investment with no taxation and user friendly legislation.

Belize Incorporation Services

  • Fast Company formation — the entire process of incorporating and documents legalization with us will not take more than 5 days. Once payment is received, the Belize Company documents will be sent to you by courier within 5 days
  • There is no need to come to Belize to form the offshore company or to conduct its activities
  • When you incorporate your Belize company on-line you use an encrypted SSL connection for your data protection

Belize Company Formation

  • Only one Director and one Shareholder Belize offshore company needed for company incorporations
  • Director and Shareholder of a Belize company can be the same person
  • Director and Shareholder of a Belize offshore company can be a corporate body
  • There is no requirement for a local secretary for the offshore company incorporated in Belize

Belize Companies Share Capital Requirements

  • Voting and nonvoting shares are allowed
  • A Belize Offshore company can have bearer shares issued
  • Local fiduciary services for the holders of bearer shares are provided
  • Non par value shares are allowed for an offshore company incorporated in Belize
  • There is no limit on the amount of the share capital for Belize offshore companies
  • Share capital can be assigned in any internationally recognized currency
  • Belize IBCs have low annual fees

Belize Corporation Taxation

  • Belize corporations are 100% tax free, no income, capital gains, profit or inheritance tax
  • There are no currency regulations for the offshore companies

Belize Incorporation Privacy and Confidentiality

  • No requirement to disclose beneficial owners or directors of the offshore company to the Registry

Belize Companies Maintenance and Administration

  • Annual meetings of members and directors can be anywhere in the world
  • You do not have to file books and records with the Registry
  • Nominee officers available for Belize Companies
  • No requirement for an annual audit

Belize Corporation Packages and Pricing

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  • You can securely and privately purchase an offshore IBC on-line, with your Visa or Master Card
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  • You get nominee services and registered agent/office services with the lowest prices on the offshore services market