Offshore Incorporation

Offshore Company Incorporation

OCI Ltd. offers our customers low cost offshore company formation. Our inventory of services includes incorporation of offshore companies namely: the Anguilla Company (IBC); the BVI IBC (Business Company), Belize Company (IBC), Dominica Company (IBC), Nevis Companies (IBC and LLC), Seychelles IBC and Panama Corporations. We also provide the services of UK LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) and UK Limited Company (UK Ltd) formation to our clients.

Offshore Incorporation Services

Our accompanying services are competitively priced as well. Our offshore incorporation services include the ability for you to check the proposed name for your offshore company (available in some jurisdictions only).

You never need to travel to the offshore center to set up a company, all this is done online in a secure environment.

OCI Ltd services include the administrative and maintenance options such as mail holding/mail forwarding, complete virtual office and registered address for your offshore company. We have also partnered with professional accounts to provide bookkeeping and accounting services for UK companies (UK LLPs and UK Ltd). These essential services for offshore companies not only enhance the client's privacy and confidentiality, but make the management of the offshore company that much easier. Our full nominee services which are available for both director and shareholder for the IBC and member for the Nevis LLC provide an added layer of confidentiality and privacy to your offshore company. Nominee director services are also available for UK Limited Companies (UK Ltd).

Offshore company incorporations are fast, with company registration completed within 1 day in most of our jurisdictions offered.

We also offer an exclusive (advanced) multi-year company maintenance option for only Dominica offshore companies at a discounted price, and annual renewal fees for all companies are set at competitive prices.

Offshore Corporation Bank Accounts

Also available is online offshore banking services in different parts of the world including Central America, Europe, East Africa and the Caribbean. We have long established relationships with many reputable banks in several countries, and as a key service to our clients we do bank introductions when required.

Offshore Company Formation Experience

OCI Ltd. is a full service, professional, offshore company incorporating and consulting firm targeting individuals and businesses alike. Our head office located in the Eastern Caribbean in Dominica (which is not to be mistaken with Spanish speaking Dominican Republic) and we have sister companies or partners in Anguilla, Belize, BVI, Nevis, Panama,  Seychelles and the UK(United Kingdom).

From 1996, our team of highly skilled lawyers and offshore specialists has been providing a wide range of specialized offshore business services, including offshore company formation and incorporation services, offshore bank introduction services, e-commerce solutions, and the necessary maintenance and administrative services. Most recently we have partnered with professional UK accountants and bookkeepers to provide accouting and bookkeeping services for UK Companies.

OCI Ltd. employees are very experienced, and are distinguished by their realistic insight into offshore commerce, full and comprehensive knowledge of offshore incorporation legislation, and the business mechanics of offshore services. This in turn saves our clients, time, and money. More importantly, our staff is totally committed to the personal attention of the clients, and understands the need to successfully meet their demands.

Offshore Companies Off the Shelf

Choose a shelf company from our large inventory which contains offshore shelf companies of recent incorporation, as well as vintage (or aged) offshore companies. For a full list of the available shelf corporations and the year of the offshore company incorporation, please visit the section for Offshore Shelf Companies

The companies we provide are structured on offshore legislation which has been enhanced by including features and conditions that further benefit the investor.

Offshore Corporations Uses

Offshore companies for general use - we provide offshore companies in the form of an International Business Company (IBC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and UK Limited Companies (Ltd) which can be used for investment, trade or any other legitimate business activity. You may choose an offshore company from anyone of eight (8) jurisdictions. Open an offshore bank account and a brokerage account with your offshore company; we provide bank introduction services for all offshore company incorporation at very low costs.

Tax Free Offshore Companies

Tax Free Companies - All our offshore companies with the exception of our UK Ltd are exempt from all local taxes, duties and surcharges, providing the offshore corporation does not conduct business in the jurisdiction in which is registered. The company may hold meetings of directors or members; maintain books and records or hold leases for use as an office. UK Companies must file annual accounts with the local authorities . The privacy of the shareholders of the IBC and the LLC is guaranteed under law. An IBC is also known as a non-resident company or an offshore company.

Various Business Services - OCI Ltd. is able to provide a wide range of Business services designed to secure your privacy, ensure asset protection and facilitate global commerce through an offshore Company (IBC, UK LLP, UK Ltd or LLC), the choice is yours. We can assist you in your global diversification efforts, enhance and preserve your wealth and provide you with the ideal business structure which protects your assets. Part of our excellent services includes teaming up with UK professionals to provide accounting and bookkeeping services for the UK Companies which we incorporate.

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